Today's tutorial will show you how to create Shutdown and Log off  Shortcuts on Desktop. It is very useful, you don't need to go start wizard to shutdown or logoff your computer, by following this tutorial you can do this task by
one click. It will save lot of time when you are hurry. It stands very helpful when a particular program of your computer hangs. Because when a program hangs you may not able to go to start menu to shutdown your computer. I have found this tutorial on the web and find it very interesting  and eagerly waiting to share with you. Hope you will like. I suggest you even if you don't want to create shutdown and logoff shortcuts on desktop do learn this trick because you can use it as a prank to amaze your friends.

Follow the following steps carefully

A) To create Shutdown shortcut

1) Right click on Desktop and go to New and then Shortcut

2) After that type in Shutdown -s -t 00 in the Type the location of the item field as shown bellow then click on Next

3) Write the shortcut name as Shutdown in Type a name for this shortcut field,after that you will get a file like the following one on your Desktop

4) Now we have to change the icon.To change the icon follow the following steps.

  • Right Click on the shortcut you have just created and then go to Properties and then Change icon
  • After that a window will appear click OK,you will get a icon list like this

  • Choose the usual Shutdown icon,and click OK and then click Apply and OK respectively
B) To create a Log off Shortcut

1) Repeat the step No. 1 of A
2) Now type Shutdown -L instead of Shutdown -s -t 00
3) Then type Log off in Type a name for this shortcut field
4) Now repeat the step No. 4 of A,but this time you have to choose the Log off icon instead of choosing Shutdown icon

If you have got any problem Leave a comment ,I will help you.

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